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About Literature / Student Mariah Desiray Neal21/Female/United States Groups :iconmalice-vs-alice: Malice-vs-Alice
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Azori - Kiss Me Senpai ~ Gift for TheTaintedKiss by PoisonCupcakeXP Azori - Kiss Me Senpai ~ Gift for TheTaintedKiss :iconpoisoncupcakexp:PoisonCupcakeXP 1 1
My Internal Battle
You broke me in two
Now I am torn
Within me, my inner halves war
One wishes to end it all
To become forever numb to pain
The other is a death-fearing dreamer
Not ready to leave this world
And the dreamer won
Because of nightmares
Because of fear
Because of instinct
Because of hope
Because of happiness
Because of love
:iconpoisoncupcakexp:PoisonCupcakeXP 1 0
Past, Gift, and Future (WIP)
Time, why don't you let me win for once?
I'm weary of this tug-of-war of life.
You're killing me and I'm killing you.
We both know you will last longer and triumph.
If you give me more of you, I...I-
What does one give time in return?
:iconpoisoncupcakexp:PoisonCupcakeXP 1 0
Blue Valentine ~ Gift for TheTaintedKiss by PoisonCupcakeXP Blue Valentine ~ Gift for TheTaintedKiss :iconpoisoncupcakexp:PoisonCupcakeXP 1 2
Shadow of Fire
He caught my eyes at first glance
On my second look I started deeply into his eyes
After that I started coming back here around this time
He was always here and my eyes always searched for him
He wasn't extraordinarily beautiful,
What had caught me in his trap was his expression of sorrow
The switch of emotion in his eyes sucked me in
In a matter of seconds he went from despair to determination
If looks could kill...I knew that look
The one before exacting vengeance
Such power, and that passion...
A look that leaves no doubt, a deadly promise
That dark need brought a fiery light to his eyes
One night he directed that gaze at me and I immediately responded
He never broke his gaze, one that scorched a hole through my heart
I knew then that I wanted his flames to caress me, consume me
He read my soul, as I did his, that knowing glint in his eyes
He pulled me in without uttering a single word
When he got up to leave I followed him
He waited for me in the shadows, pulling me against him for
:iconpoisoncupcakexp:PoisonCupcakeXP 1 5
Love Bouquet
I have to believe that the loneliness will be worth it
I have to believe that I will find you one day
I both want and need you to receive me
To give you my heart and have you brand my soul
And for you to trust me to do the same to yours
I've waited so long, there is no way I'd take you for granted
So much love is growing inside my chest
No room for it to spread, already my ribs barely contain it,
Its vines coil tightly around my sternum, the fragile buds have yet to open
If I knew for certain that one day you would surely come,
I'd wait nearly an eternity for you, until I die, whichever comes first
It will all be worth the wait when you cause these flowers to bloom
Please take care of my love and take away my pain
When that day comes, I hope you accept my bouquet
And I beg you not to let it slowly wither away
:iconpoisoncupcakexp:PoisonCupcakeXP 3 2
Lost It
It's not here! I can't find it!
I've searched everywhere!
So it must no longer exist
It’s gone forever…my sanity
Maybe I should double-check
Under the covers, under my bed,
Or maybe it's in my pillow
Since that’s where my head rest on every night
Where I had my mind wander, where I dreamt
Where I left reality, where I chose to forget
Where is my sanity? Have you seen it?
Please tell me you've seen it!
Hmm...maybe I should print posters of it
But obviously I can't take a photo of it with it missing
That means I have to draw them up myself
I should put the first one on the fridge with a magnet
Oh, I know, I should tape one onto my mailbox
The mailman goes to all the houses in this area
He's bound to notice my sanity out on the loose
Maybe it was stolen, wait, what if it was?
Should I call the police? I guess not
It hasn't been twenty-four hours yet, has it?
Damn their rules, how long will I last without it?
I know this is important, I don't remember why though
Where wa
:iconpoisoncupcakexp:PoisonCupcakeXP 1 3
Gone Unnoticed
I feel like I'm in a another dimension
I notice everyone is moving through life without me
It's like one of those dreams
When you keep running and running
Then you notice that you aren't getting any closer to your goal
Or farther away from something you fear
I notice the sceneries changing all around me
I notice the clock fast-forwarding
But I still remain the same
I'm somehow stuck in this state
I'm slowly sinking into quicksand
Somebody help me, notice me
I'm tired of being left behind
Excluded, feeling like I don't belong
Why doesn't anyone notice me?
Or maybe they do, but they just don't care
Will someone toss me a rope?
Am I so unnoticed that they won't be affected?
:iconpoisoncupcakexp:PoisonCupcakeXP 0 0
As Long As We're Together
This pain doesn't seem to have an end
And my limit is just within reach
Yet, it is quickly escalating
I believe I'll become mindless
Just so I won't have to feel, to become numb
To leave this body, to not know pain
I'm at the point no return
My heart is racing rapidly, it's dying
Which means I'm dying
I want to live, I do not wish for death to come
But I can no longer go through this pain anymore
My heart, there is only one way we can both survive this
A slight chance that we can live through it
I need the doctor to give us anesthesia
Then have our open wound emptied of all the poison
And once we're stitched closed, locked up tight, for good
No one can enter you, my vulnerable heart
It's just you and me. No one can hurt us again.
I won't let anyone near us.
We will never cry tears of sadness again
But we will never cry tears of happiness either
We will never feel any kind of emotion
That is the price for us cutting our ties to outsiders
We will die a little inside
It's better than kill
:iconpoisoncupcakexp:PoisonCupcakeXP 0 0
Silvermyst by PoisonCupcakeXP Silvermyst :iconpoisoncupcakexp:PoisonCupcakeXP 0 0
Silvermyst (Sneak Peak)
I’m no longer the perfect princess, but the cold-hearted killer.
Now, whenever I pass by the people of the kingdom they rush to clear out of my way, in fear. “It’s Silvermyst!” I hear them say in panicked whispers all around. Completely different from when they used to say that in happy-excited tones and admiration.
I just mentally shrugged and kept walking. I hadn’t cared too much about what they thought then and I care even less now.

“Elves have green-thumbs, with a few exceptions of course, because we can control the earth’s elements naturally. Everyone is different and can be particularly stronger in one element than others."
“Can you show me your specialty?”
“Yes, prepare to be amazed by my power and skill.” I said this confidently, but I was slightly nervous. Why do I feel I must impress this human? You care about him. The thought whispered trough my mind. No, just think of this as training.
I got my hand
:iconpoisoncupcakexp:PoisonCupcakeXP 0 0
Desperate Delusions
If I set this hourglass on fire
Will time be reborn?
If I shove this hourglass into soil
Will time be rescued?
If I sink this hourglass underwater
Will time be rewound?
:iconpoisoncupcakexp:PoisonCupcakeXP 0 0
Happy Haunting! Azori as a Goblin by PoisonCupcakeXP Happy Haunting! Azori as a Goblin :iconpoisoncupcakexp:PoisonCupcakeXP 1 2 Azori as a Vamp (Version 2) by PoisonCupcakeXP Azori as a Vamp (Version 2) :iconpoisoncupcakexp:PoisonCupcakeXP 1 5 Happy Halloween! Azori as a Vamp by PoisonCupcakeXP Happy Halloween! Azori as a Vamp :iconpoisoncupcakexp:PoisonCupcakeXP 1 7 Azori ~ Gift for TheTaintedKiss by PoisonCupcakeXP Azori ~ Gift for TheTaintedKiss :iconpoisoncupcakexp:PoisonCupcakeXP 3 3


Mercy Sketch by Koyorin Mercy Sketch :iconkoyorin:Koyorin 5,487 123 Pastel Galaxy by TheTaintedKiss Pastel Galaxy :iconthetaintedkiss:TheTaintedKiss 7 2 wip2 by kimerajam wip2 :iconkimerajam:kimerajam 473 380 sakura -watercolors- by auroreblackcat sakura -watercolors- :iconauroreblackcat:auroreblackcat 1,136 47 Iron Man Watercolor by APetrie74 Iron Man Watercolor :iconapetrie74:APetrie74 183 7 Malkom and Carrow by annria2002 Malkom and Carrow :iconannria2002:annria2002 274 26 Lothaire and Elizabeth by annria2002 Lothaire and Elizabeth :iconannria2002:annria2002 1,327 52 CYOP/OTA Outfit Adopts (CLOSED) by DesireeU CYOP/OTA Outfit Adopts (CLOSED) :icondesireeu:DesireeU 5,672 366 Jotaku Doodle Page by Jotaku Jotaku Doodle Page :iconjotaku:Jotaku 186 24 Hello there Sol by Jotaku Hello there Sol :iconjotaku:Jotaku 533 44 ::Commission:: sweetsushi - Freeze It Buster by Jotaku ::Commission:: sweetsushi - Freeze It Buster :iconjotaku:Jotaku 201 20 ::Commission:: Cookiehana - Shakabroooooo by Jotaku ::Commission:: Cookiehana - Shakabroooooo :iconjotaku:Jotaku 706 27 Sketch girl by Jotaku Sketch girl :iconjotaku:Jotaku 165 1 Chibi Egypt by Jotaku Chibi Egypt :iconjotaku:Jotaku 710 56




PoisonCupcakeXP's Profile Picture
Mariah Desiray Neal
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I want to become a paranormal romance author. Which is my favorite genre to read.
I love ♪singing♫ & drawing (though I'm not that good at either), plus writing poems & stories, of course!
(Though I have yet to finish anything longer than a short story) :iconsweatplz:
I love sweet & kawaii things. (っ≧ω≦)っ(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ ~♥❤:heart:❤♥ :iconteddybearplz: So cute...:iconbegplz::iconpikapikadanceplz:
Dark/goth fashion is cute to me too. :iconpoisonousplz:
I love manga & anime. "I think aloud" a lot.
I'm a big fan of video/ online games:icongamesplz::iconmarioshroomplz:, movies, & T.V. shows:icontelevisionplz:. I usually watch fantasy, romance, comedy, & drama, both American & Asian (usually Japanese & Korean) dramas.
My secret pleasure is falling in love with fictional characters. Well, it's not really a secret ;P
My Eternally Loved Childhood Hero: Sailor Moon! :iconsailormoonplz: no matter if I get bashed for it. "To each his/her own."
My fave colors/ non-colors in order: Black, Silver, Red Plum, Deep Green, then certain shades of Blue.

I really don't like (〜 ̄△ ̄)〜 scary movies, with very few exceptions, but i can watch horror anime films it depends...
One of my biggest fears are: Bugs/insects :bug: of every kind & size
Literally: Me--> :iconikillitplz: <--The creepy crawlies

Serious Note: The friends I have are SUPER important to me. :aww: I'm very shy, but when I have strong feelings for something I speak my mind. I would feel the need to retaliate if any harm comes to them.
Metaphorically: Me--> :iconikillitplz: <--The sorry offender who will have no mercy from me.

:star:✪ FAVORITE QUOTES ✪:star:
☆ - "To the world, you may be but one, but to one you may be the world."

☆ - "Be who you are and say what you feel,
because those who mind don't matter and
those who matter don't mind"

☆ - “If people refuse to look at you in a new light and they can only see you for what you were, only see you for the mistakes you've made, if they don't realize that you are not your mistakes, then they have to go.”

☆ - "I believe in second chances.
I just don't believe everyone deserves them"

☆ - "Sometimes no matter how much
you may care about them,
that person doesn't deserve you."

☆ - “The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.”

☆ - "You're still going to get
criticized, so you might as well
do whatever the fuck you want."

☆ - "Who are you to judge the life I live?
I'm not perfect and I don't live to be!
Before you start pointing fingers,
make sure your hands are clean."

☆ - "If someone shows you
their true colors,
don't try to repaint them."

☆ - "Be the one who nurtures and builds. Be the one who has an understanding and a forgiving heart one who looks for the best in people. Leave people better than you found them.”

☆ - "We need to teach our daughters to know the difference between:
A man who flatters her & a man who complements her
A man who spends money on her & a man who invests in her
A man who views her as property & a man who views her properly
A man who lusts after her & a man who loves her
A man who believes he's a gift to women & a man who believes she's a gift to him
And then we need to teach our sons to be that kind of man."

☆ - "I want a guy that I could run to with
tears streaming down my face
and the first thing he says is
'Whose ass am I kicking babe?'"

☆ - "If all my friends were to jump off a bridge, I wouldn't jump with them, I'd be at the bottom to catch them"

☆ - "Okay, so I might be quiet, shy,
and invisible sometimes,
but when it comes to my friends being hurt
You better save your sorry ass!"


☆ - "Have I gone mad?" "Completely bonkers... but I'll tell you a secret: All the best people are."

☆ - "I see everything, that is my curse"

(っ˘_˘)っ They're so true

Meow?... ^,,,^ . . . . Nya!!!^,,,^
.........= ( OㅅO ) = . . . . (づÒㅅÓ。)づ
(L) Kageno 影の & (R) Tora 虎
Tora's all determined & Kage's like "Go ahead & run. I'm walking...." Lol. XP

Thanks 4 visitng! Nyan... :3
訪問してくれてありがとう! にゃん...
I so am thankful for the support!!!


A) Writer's Block
B) Cock Block



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